Have Fun at Wapiti Village

*Notice: Wapiti Village including the Food Cabin are temporarily closed for adjustments.

There’s something for everyone at Wapiti Village—fun, food, facts, and fresh air!

Fridays and Saturdays

Conestoga Wagon route to Wapiti Village.


Come to the Food Cabin for delicious food and amazing desserts found only at Wapiti Village. Grab that dessert or cold drink from our handy outside order window. Restrooms are located in the Food Cabin.


Enjoy Outdoor Dining in the woods.


Climb, slide, jump, and ride in the spacious Playground Park.


Embark on short, easy trails and experience God’s glorious creation on the Discovery Trails. Read about elk and their history along the way. Keep your eyes open for squirrels, birds, bugs, and other wildlife.


Visit Happy Rancher’s Corral for a variety of activities. Young children ride the Wagon Train (barrel train) through elk country. Little Ranchers have fun in a giant sandbox. Young and old discover a-maze-ing in a question-propelled journey through the intriguing Intelli-MAZE. Play Hit the Mark with your friends and see who makes the best use of their time. Teenagers Shoot for Success and see who can be the most productive by the time the clock stops.