Quiet Harmony Ranch has established this alternative DRIVE-THRU venue for the safety of employees and guests alike in the wake of COVID-19 outbreaks throughout the United States.  

Restrooms are monitored at all times and equipped with no-touch soap dispensers, no-touch wash sink water activation, and no-touch paperless hand dryers. Occupancy is controlled and touch surfaces are cleaned every 2 hours. Guidelines set forth by Preble County Public Health are meticulously followed.

The Quiet Harmony Ranch staff is taking stringent measures embracing strategies for reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission in regards to physical distancing, enhanced cleaning practices, restroom management, food preparation areas and contact surfaces, personal hygiene, personal wellness, personal protective equipment, training, waste and laundering management, and communication.

We ask that people with sickness or fever wait to visit Quiet Harmony Ranch until good health has returned and stabilized. Anyone who becomes sick while at the ranch is expected to leave as soon as possible.

We are praying for safety and blessing for all.


Hours of Operation

Fridays & Saturdays      10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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Shop the Trading Post!

Choose from a palette of delicious: Elk jerky, elk sticks, elk summer sausage, ground elk, elk steaks and elk roasts, fresh from-scratch, ranch-baked goods—elk burger buns, cookies (chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, chocolate crinkle), sweet rolls (cinnamon and pecan), and 19 flavors of ranch-made fudge. Stop in often for always delicious. Purchase antler products, unique gifts, and souvenirs.  Click here for more details


Satisfy your hunger with the cabin-cooked Meal of the Ranch—signature smoked elk burger served on a homemade bun beside Flossie Potatoes, Herbert Beans, creamy coleslaw, and chunky applesauce. Top it off with Chocolate Wallow or Pumpkin Pecan Puddle dessert, complete with ice cream. The Food Cabin is sure to become a favorite spot as you enjoy our elk-country outdoor dining atmosphere.  Click here for more details


Follow the signs straight on back to the Elk Adventure DRIVE THRU ticket booth.

Drive your vehicle on a scenic and memorable expedition through the heart of the ranch to see this year’s new elk babies with their dedicated and protective mamas. Be awed by amazing elk bulls with their stately posture, dominating stride, and massive antlers. The ranch provides a USB drive or a CD to vehicles so equipped, to narrate the tour along the paddocks, through the buffer strip, feeding alleys, and elk runways. In addition to learning about the amazing elk, enjoy the hay fields and wildflowers while watching for glimpses of beautiful birds, whitetail deer, and other unique Ohio wildlife. Visit the ranch throughout the summer and fall to watch the elk and antlers grow and to take in the beautiful seasonal changes of nature. Click here for recent Elk Adventure highlights