Field Trips

School groups are welcome at the ranch! Escape for a day and make Quiet Harmony Ranch your outdoor classroom. Embellish your learning experience with everything elk.  Click below to contact us for details and available dates and to schedule your field trip, or call 937-477-7777

basketball shoot out
Teacher taking class though Quiet Harmony Ranch

oPTIONS FOR Learning activities

    • Video Presentation
    • Elk Adventure Drive-Thru
    • Meadow Trek
    • Action Acres
    • Basketball Gusto
    • Intelli-MAZE
    • Little Ranchers sandbox
    • Discovery Trails
    • Playground
    • Food Cabin
  • Tailspin Slopes
    • Bugle Slides
    • Big Loop Racetrack
    • Tractor a’Traction

Call 937-437-7777 or email with your specific interests to see how we can enhance your group’s learning experience.

Field Trip Inquiry