What Will I Learn?

Life is all about learning. Look around and see how much fun it can be to learn new things at Quiet Harmony Ranch.

Bull Elk

Elk Throughout Time

Where did they come from? Where have they been? Where did they go?

Elk Habits

How do elk defend themselves? Where will they not go?

Bull Elk

The Significance of Antlers

What do antlers mean to the bull elk? What do they mean to the elk cows? What is the importance of elk antlers to humans?


“Canning” Elk Food

How and why is elk food canned?

Gravel lane at Quiet Harmony Ranch

The Buffer Strip

What is a buffer? What is the buffer strip on the ranch? What purpose does it serve?

Grass field at Quiet Harmony Ranch

Nature on the Edges

What animals live along the edges of a ranch in Ohio back country? What kinds of plants grow there?

Elk Ranching Magnified

What are some of the finer details of ranching elk? 

Virtues that Bless

What are the benefits of patience, kindness, respect, obedience, and sharing? How are they encouraged and practiced in fun ranch activities?

Principles that Propel

Can well-managed time, scrutinized details, and serious planning move me forward? How can activities on the ranch help me learn and practice these principles?

Elk cow with calves at Quiet Harmony Ranch

Elk Reproduction

How does the herd increase? What is the reproductive time clock of elk? How common are multiple births?

Elk Senses

How well can elk see? How well do they hear?

Elk Calf Security

How do the mamas hide and protect their babies?

Elk in Ohio

When were they here? Why did they leave?

Elk Communication

What sounds do they make? What are they saying?