Elk Adventure

Elk adventure

Elk Adventure

Elk Adventure

Self-paced drive-thru tour to see the animals

June 3

Fridays & Saturdays

Located in My ELK PARK

Unlimited adventures with purchase of My DAY PASS or My ELKMORE PASS

Visit the Information Booth for day passes to My Elk Park or to show your Elkmore Passes.

Drive your vehicle on a scenic and memorable expedition through the heart of the ranch to see this year’s new elk babies with their dedicated and protective mamas. Be awed by amazing elk bulls with their stately posture, dominating stride, and massive antlers.  In addition to learning about the amazing elk, enjoy the hay fields and wildflowers while watching for glimpses of beautiful birds, whitetail deer, and other unique Ohio wildlife. Visit the ranch throughout the summer and fall to watch the elk and antlers grow and to take in the beautiful seasonal changes of nature. Click here for recent Elk Adventure highlights