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Elk calves at Quiet Harmony Ranch

What Will I Learn?

Life is about learning, and life on a ranch is no different. Experience unique and fascinating farm learning at Quiet Harmony Ranch.

What Will I Learn?

School Field Trips

Escape for a day and make Quiet Harmony Ranch your outdoor classroom. Embellish your learning experience with everything elk. Participate in a wide array of fun activities and adventures.

Field Trips

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Elk Learning Resources

Learn more elk facts from these suggested resources.

Elk Learning Resources

elk meat

Elk Meat Nutritional Information

Learn about one of the healthiest meats that money can buy. Elk meat is a low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-calorie, high-protein food. Could healthy eating get better than this?

Nutritional Information


Cooking with Elk Meat

Use elk meat, and make the switch to healthy recipes. Elk may be used in place of beef in most recipes. Check back for more elk recipes coming soon.

Cooking with Elk Meat

Entrance to Quiet Harmony Ranch

About Quiet Harmony Ranch

Learn the vision, mission, and values of Quiet Harmony Ranch.

About the Ranch

Elk Gallery

For glimpses of Quiet Harmony Ranch, browse the photo gallery of our magnificent elk.

Photo Gallery