How to Cook with Elk Meat

Elk meat may be used in place of beef in many recipes. For best results follow these general instructions.

General cooking instructions

  • Use elk in place of beef and cook in similar ways.
  • Prevent moisture loss to keep elk meat tender and preserve its delicate flavor.
  • Elk meat cooks quickly because of its leanness. Do not overcook.
  • For best results, the internal temperature of elk meat should not exceed 140°, although as low as 130° is even better if you don’t mind a slightly pinker meat.
  • For well-done elk, braise (cook at a low temperature for a long period of time) or cook in a slow cooker.
    Steaks and Burgers
  • Sear on high heat to seal in the juices. Continue over lower heat to desired doneness.
  • Rub meat with olive or avocado oil and pat with herbs and spices to seal in the juices.
  • Remove from the oven at about 5° lower than the goal temperature. Wrap in foil and allow to rest 10-15 minutes. The juices will set, and the internal temperature will complete the remaining 5° of cooking.
  • Save the bones and trimmings for stock or bone broth.

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