About Quiet Harmony Ranch

Dave and Pam Flory

From high school, to entrepreneur, to founder of a major U.S. boar semen company. . . and then inspired to start Quiet Harmony Ranch.

How do we become quiet enough to recognize real opportunity? Are all the good ideas taken? Is the noise in my life because of others or licensed by me? Do I have access to resources that I have not discovered?

In America today there is much noise in many of our lives that can muffle true opportunities. Our goal here is to quiet down and discover amazing. To provide that occasion to our visitors and especially to our youth.

At Quiet Harmony Ranch, our vision is to embrace Truth, discover opportunity, and encourage participation. Our mission is to produce unique farm products, pass learning to others, and point to the Provider.

We approach everything with quality in mind. Our elk meat products are raised only on our ranch, using non-GMO feedstuffs that contain no antibiotics. We use top grade velvet antler for our EVA products and maintain Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA)-monitored herd health status. Our elk receive premium care to maintain their health. The cows are prolific, the bulls are majestic, and the calves are happy and frisky. Our superb ranch team works hard to present a great experience that you will remember and appreciate.

There is much to learn at Quiet Harmony Ranch. Nature is a great teacher if we can become quiet enough to observe and listen, contemplative enough to see and hear. We hope you enjoy your visit and that you leave here with something valuable, worthwhile, and sustaining.

Discover amazing.

Welcome to Quiet Harmony Ranch. We all look forward to serving you! 

Yours for quiet harmony,
Dave & Pam Flory